Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I have just recently begun this new blog. I have gotten a lot of new things lately; new last name, ID, email address, and I though might as well keep going with a new blog. I actually just realized that I  have been officially married to B for 4 months today! Yah!! It seems like it has been longer, but in a good way. In a way that we have always been together and it hasn't been a short time but for a lifetime. We also have a pug that is 4 months old today as well, kind of coincidental! B and I are both busy working and having fun together when we can. We play softball, he plays basketball, I run, we swim, we like going to the Lake, he really likes to Golf and I am learning to Golf, gradually. We are attempting to get better at making home cooked meals, at home (lol), as well as just eating healthier in general. B owns a car business and I coach cross country and track and field at a University. We stay busy but are defiantly the definition of a goofy couple, which is good for us.

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