Sunday, December 8, 2013

Charlie stuck

Getting himself stuck in a hanger... Ooh dear puppy.

Foot surgery

Had foot surgery this past weekend.. This is the results as of today!!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Workout Detour

Yesterday was the first day I had to change my workout schedule around. My original plan was to run my 2.5 miles after softball, one minor detail was that it was tournament time for Co-ed Church League softball, and we won our first game!! We then had to come back at 8:30pm and play another game, which we lost. But because of all that, we did not even get home until almost 10 pm and I cannot forget about dinner. So I changed yesterday to my "cross training" day and today is now my 2.5 mile run!
That's why I like that it's my plan, I can change it around however I feel fit!! :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 11 of Challenge

I am currently on day 11 of my squats-crunches-push up challenge. Its defiantly harder on some days than others, especially now that I am up to 110 squats today... the squats are defiantly the toughest.
For the push ups, I can barely to a real push up (Fakes would be using my knees). Each day, I challenge myself to do one more real push up. I am up to 8 real ones today! Out of 32 that isn't too shabby.

Also, this week started my first week on my 10K training plan. I've run twice so far this week, with my longest run of 3 miles tomorrow. It wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't so hot out when I ran...
On the others days I have to do some sort of cross training that isn't running. On Wednesday, I played golf :)
Not sure what I am going to do yet today, I haven't been able to get up and swim in the mornings, so next week starts my nights of going to bed earlier than 10:30pm so I can get up in the morning.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Totally unrelated to workouts, this is my puppy Charlie. He is a Pug and is 4 months old! :)

My Ultimate Challenge

Today I have decided to combine the Squat Challenge, a crunch challenge, and a push up challenge and do them all in one day to complete all three at the same time. Today I started with 50 squats, 30 crunches, and 15 push ups (although my push ups are slightly altered). My goal at the end is to be able to do regular push ups consecutively. Here is my 30-day regime:

Day 1 30 Crunches, 15 Push ups, 50 Squats
Day 2 75 Crunches, 17 Push ups, 55 Squats
Day 3 120 Crunches, 20 Push ups, 60 Squats
Day 4 50 Crunches, 22 Push ups, Rest Squats
Day 5 Rest Crunches, 25 Push ups, 70 Squats
Day 6 100 Crunches, 27 Push ups, 75 Squats
Day 7 50 Crunches, 28 Push ups, 80 Squats
Day 8 45 Crunches, Rest Push ups, Rest Squats
Day 9 60 Crunches, 30 Push ups, 100 Squats
Day 10 Rest Crunches, 32 Push ups, 105 Squats
Day 11 60 Crunches, 35 Push ups, 110 Squats
Day 12 95 Crunches, 37 Push ups, Rest Squats
Day 13 45 Crunches, 40 Push ups, 130 Squats
Day 14 70 Crunches, 43 Push ups, 135 Squats
Day 15 Rest Crunches, Rest Push ups, 140 Squats
Day 16 125 Crunches, 45 Push ups, Rest Squats
Day 17 40 Crunches, 47 Push ups, 150 Squats
Day 18 100 Crunches, 50 Push ups, 155 Squats
Day 19 75 Crunches, 52 Push ups, 160 Squats
Day 20 Rest Crunches, 55 Push ups, Rest Squats
Day 21 90 Crunches, 58 Push ups, 180 Squats
Day 22 75 Crunches, Rest Push ups, 185 Squats
Day 23 80 Crunches, 60 Push ups, 190 Squats
Day 24 100 Crunches, 62 Push ups, Rest Squats
Day 25 Rest Crunches, 65 Push ups, 220 Squats
Day 26 80 Crunches, 67 Push ups, 225 Squats
Day 27 50 Crunches, 70 Push ups, 230 Squats
Day 28 130 Crunches, 73 Push ups, Rest Squats
Day 29 95 Crunches, Rest Push ups, 240 Squats
Day 30 150 Crunches, 75 Push ups, 250 Squats

This is defiantly going to be a challenge keeping up with it and keeping it scheduled together. But the Rest days are very important so its key to keep those rest days as scheduled.
Day 1: Check!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

30 Day squat Challenge

My younger sister had challenged me to this probably in April. I have still not been able to complete it yet... lol. My goal is to attempt again in August and try again. I have made it as far as 6 days at max so far. I have either just forgotten about it or gotten so busy I have been unable to continue. The 6 days I did do it for were very hard. All my life, I have done squats just halfway. I have now realized that a true squat is making your legs become parallel to the ground (or perpendicular?). This squat challenge can be just body weight or with weights, I have chosen body weight since it is hard enough as it is. The idea behind it is that it is suppose to help strengthen your core and upper legs as well become stronger and more balanced. I have been told to take my measurements prior to starting; hips, stomach, thigh. Although as a pre-warning, in addition to the squat challenge, I do other activities as well. My goal at that point is to be able to swim 1000m three times a week and be running 5 days a week. I will also be doing a lot of stretching, which doesn't really apply to working out, but I have struggled with stretching all my life, and I have been told that is the reason I have zero flexibility and I am experiencing some tightness and pains I have never experienced before. Allright, well here is the squat challenge, finally. :)

Day 1     50 Squats
Day 2     55 Squats
Day 3     60 Squats
Day 4    Rest day
Day 5     65 Squats
Day 6     70 Squats
Day 7     75 Squats
Day 8     Rest Day
Day 9     100 Squats
Day 10    105 Squats
Day 11    110 Squats
Day 12    Rest Day
Day 13    130 Squats
Day 14    135 Squats
Day 15    140 Squats
Day 16    Rest Day
Day 17    150 Squats
Day 18    155 Squats
Day 19    160 Squats
Day 20    Rest Day
Day 21    180 Squats
Day 22    185 Squats
Day 23    190 Squats
Day 24    Rest Day
Day 25    220 Squats
Day 26    225 Squats
Day 27    230 Squats
Day 28    Rest Day
Day 29    240 Squats
Day 30    250 Squats

Good Luck!


I have just recently begun this new blog. I have gotten a lot of new things lately; new last name, ID, email address, and I though might as well keep going with a new blog. I actually just realized that I  have been officially married to B for 4 months today! Yah!! It seems like it has been longer, but in a good way. In a way that we have always been together and it hasn't been a short time but for a lifetime. We also have a pug that is 4 months old today as well, kind of coincidental! B and I are both busy working and having fun together when we can. We play softball, he plays basketball, I run, we swim, we like going to the Lake, he really likes to Golf and I am learning to Golf, gradually. We are attempting to get better at making home cooked meals, at home (lol), as well as just eating healthier in general. B owns a car business and I coach cross country and track and field at a University. We stay busy but are defiantly the definition of a goofy couple, which is good for us.