Tuesday, July 2, 2013

30 Day squat Challenge

My younger sister had challenged me to this probably in April. I have still not been able to complete it yet... lol. My goal is to attempt again in August and try again. I have made it as far as 6 days at max so far. I have either just forgotten about it or gotten so busy I have been unable to continue. The 6 days I did do it for were very hard. All my life, I have done squats just halfway. I have now realized that a true squat is making your legs become parallel to the ground (or perpendicular?). This squat challenge can be just body weight or with weights, I have chosen body weight since it is hard enough as it is. The idea behind it is that it is suppose to help strengthen your core and upper legs as well become stronger and more balanced. I have been told to take my measurements prior to starting; hips, stomach, thigh. Although as a pre-warning, in addition to the squat challenge, I do other activities as well. My goal at that point is to be able to swim 1000m three times a week and be running 5 days a week. I will also be doing a lot of stretching, which doesn't really apply to working out, but I have struggled with stretching all my life, and I have been told that is the reason I have zero flexibility and I am experiencing some tightness and pains I have never experienced before. Allright, well here is the squat challenge, finally. :)

Day 1     50 Squats
Day 2     55 Squats
Day 3     60 Squats
Day 4    Rest day
Day 5     65 Squats
Day 6     70 Squats
Day 7     75 Squats
Day 8     Rest Day
Day 9     100 Squats
Day 10    105 Squats
Day 11    110 Squats
Day 12    Rest Day
Day 13    130 Squats
Day 14    135 Squats
Day 15    140 Squats
Day 16    Rest Day
Day 17    150 Squats
Day 18    155 Squats
Day 19    160 Squats
Day 20    Rest Day
Day 21    180 Squats
Day 22    185 Squats
Day 23    190 Squats
Day 24    Rest Day
Day 25    220 Squats
Day 26    225 Squats
Day 27    230 Squats
Day 28    Rest Day
Day 29    240 Squats
Day 30    250 Squats

Good Luck!

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