Monday, June 9, 2014


Lately, I have been "pinning" on pinterest a lot lately, just because. I look at all the different crafts for the home, for clothing, whatever, all the food items, the funnies, the home decor, etc. It all turns into what I would love to do or what I want to do for the home. But then I rethink it because I am like, I am not crafty, I cannot do those to look exactly like that. I remember I am sporty and not crafty. I also then see all the photos of others that have attempted similar food recipes or crafts, and failed... and I am like, oh look, that would be me!
So then I stick to the things I can accomplish without fail, the workouts, "trying" to be healthier, not exactly healthy but just healthier than I have currently been. I look at the fashion stuff, and see if i could put my current clothes selection together to make such an outfit, and think, NOPE. lol
To sum it up, Pinterest is great for a lot of different things; wedding planning, birthday's, food recipes (simiple ones for me please), etc. However, when it goes to the more difficult things I take a pass and go do crunches instead. But whoever invented the idea of Pinterest, is in my mind, a genius for all the females out there. Before pinterest, how did we come up with such ideas. I don't know how I would have planned my wedding without the help of pinterest, sorry to those who got married before Pinterest times. There are some nights I lay awake sleepless, and I am like "Oh, I can PIN!!!!"
The excitement is unreal...

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